Monday, February 22, 2010

Razor Kids Scooters

Find some great deals on Razor Kids Scooters including Razor A Kick Scooters, Razor Electric Scooters, Razor Pocket Mod and more.  (More information on the best selling scooters below listings.)

About Razor Kids Scooters - Hottest Selling Kids Scooters from Razor:

Razor A Kick Scooters:  The best selling of all Razor kids scooters is the "Razor A" - original model.  To this day (even though there are more modern scooters available), this still is the favorite.  Possibly this is due to a lower price compared to other models, but the fact remains that it is the "tried and true" favorite for kids.  Other "A" models include the Razor A2 and A3 scooters, both of which are also quite popular.


Razor Pro Model Scooter:  This is the "pro" version of the Razor Kick scooter, having more durability and function.  The price tag on this model is a bit higher - but if you are looking for a better level of performance and are interested in having some fun with tricks, this is a better choice.  (The price difference is not that much.)


Electric Razor Kids Scooters:  The most popular of the electric scooters from Razor is the E100.  As the model numbers go up, so does the price, the weight capacity, features and the charge time.  Versions of the electric scooters from Razor include the E100, E125, E200, E300 - and some of these have "S" versions, which are the seated models.  If you are looking for a great electric scooter for kids, the Razor models appear to be the most popular compared to other brands.  (Note:  For more information and shopping all of the models in this lineup, click here:  Electric Razor Kids Scooters)


Razor Kids Spark Scooter:  This scooter literally emits sparks when the "spark bar" is stepped on - a pretty cool addition to the Razor kick!  This model of scooter is based on the Razor A2 Kick scooter, the spark bar is detachable.


Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter: - This model from Razor is perhaps my favorite since it caters to the littlest of scooter adventurers - for kids between 3 and 6 years of age.  It features a wider deck (to stand on), slip resistant body and three wheels for added stability.  A great addition to the Razor Kids Scooters lineup!  =)


Razor Pocket Mod Kids Scooter - Here is a unique addition to the Razor scooters for kids - the Pocket Mod Euro scooter.  This model is designed after actual Euro scooters, even having storage space under the seat.  This is a great model for both boys and girls and is available in some great colors!


There are more models among the Razor Kids Scooters, but the above list makes up the most popular ones, and should definitely point someone in the right direction whether looking for a "kid powered" scooter or an electric model.


ericwilliam25 said...

Where can I get a kids fold up scooter from in Queensland for a good price not too expensive and about how much are they?

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skr rail said...

The top 10 scooters for kids are a great mix of electric models for older kids, all the way down to toddler scooters!

Kids scooters

Ivanturpin said...

Scooters for kids are generally safe to ride. Scooters for kids come in all shapes and sizes. High quality kick scooter are available at reasonable rates.
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